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Our company offers a wide-range of services which is based on over 35 years of professional experience and expertise. Rhem Plastics is a creative and collaborative company. Every component – from start to finish – is manufactured in house.

Rhem Plastics works closely with our customers turning ideas into a finished product. We have seen it all… from scrap pieces of paper to endless sticky notes to engineering prints. A collaborative effort is created and the end result is a high quality component.

Engineering is the application of science and mathematics by which the properties of matter and the source of energy are made useful. We understand this definition and fabricate our products with this belief in the forefront of our mind. Rhem Plastics will assist our customers in determining what materials are recommended based on known variables.

A considerable amount of tooling is machined and fabricated in house. As a result, costs are less and lead times are shortened for first production runs. However, tooling is not required for every fabricated part. Examples of tooling that are offered but not limited to include: jigs, fixtures, part tooling, thermosetting molds, cavity molds, and machinery.

We are not extruders of tubing, pipe or profiles nor do we cast sheets of plastic or extrude them. We specialize in secondary operations. Some of our fabricators have over 35 years of experience. Rhem Plastics offers cutting edge technology in conjunction with old school methods that were established in the 1980’s.

Before each product is packaged and processed for shipping, it goes through an inspection process. During a production run, fabricated components are individually inspected to ensure an impeccable product. In general, Rhem Plastics infuses meticulous standards, and this is especially true in the quality control aspect of production runs.

After a product passes quality control, all fabricated parts, when needed, are cleaned with isopropyl alcohol, ethyl methyl ketone or anionic surfactants. Bar coding, labeling and poly bagging are available. In addition, bulk packaging on large production runs are also available. Rhem Plastics has teamed with numerous carriers, nationally and internationally, to keep shipping costs at a minimum and enable an on time delivery.

our vision

Rhem Plastics vision is quite simple. We strive to manufacture flawless products which are cost effective per your specifications. Whether we are manufacturing a single unit or implementing a large production run, each product, regardless of the quantity being fabricated, is guaranteed to pass through a vigorous quality control process before leaving our facility.

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“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing you will be successful.”

– Albert Schweitzer

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