Case Project

Ear Coil

Below is an acoustic ear coil that is used in law enforcement and military. A new customer contacted us inquiring if Rhem Plastics could fabricate the coil at a rapid turn around time and a higher quality then what they were receiving from a company overseas. We took on the project knowing there were deformities in the product they were receiving.

After receiving the component we discovered that the tubing within the coil was elliptical, allowing a 20% loss in acoustics. We corrected it by designing tooling and a proprietary process to eliminate the acoustic distortion. We were able to regain 15% of the lost acoustics into the ear piece by achieving circularity within the inner diameter of the tubing that was used in the coil.

When it comes to production sample release, this is where we shine! The most important advantage of a prototype is that it mirrors a future product. Rhem Plastics ensures accuracy before it enters into production. This allows us to correct any design flaws that may occur during the production run. On average, a prototype of a coil, will take 3-5 days to develop.